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Osburn Acres Fruit Spreads


​Just Plain Good!

Family Owned Fruit Jelly

​Our Story

Osburn Family

Garrett & Rachel Osburn

Homegrown is nothing new to the Osburn family. As a boy from a small town in North Florida, Garrett Osburn fondly remembers going out to the family farm and learning what hard, yet rewarding work looked like as he helped his grand dad to sustain their way of life. As an adult, Garrett has taken this passion and transformed it into some amazing experiences as he cultivated his career as a chef.


Today, Garrett is joined by his wife Rachel, who also cherishes small town living. Growing up in the rolling hills of North Carolina, Rachel experienced a community who never met a stranger. The Osburns now share their commitment of locally grown produce and a never ending desire to grow their family farm. Starting with a few chickens and a sad little pepper plant, the Osburns began making some homegrown pepper jelly in their modest 1960’s kitchen for friends and family to enjoy. Over time, Osburn Acres has taken root and expended to what it has become today. 

We are now thrilled to share our story and our passion for fresh, and just plain good, jellies with you. We hope you enjoy! 


FAMILY | FRESH | HomeGrown




From product sourcing to jarring, We strive to deliver the highest quality fruit jams to your table. All of our jams are hand crafted to perfection.

​Just Plain Good!

        Osburn Acres

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